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Lisa Ingarfield, PhD

Tri to Defi's lead consultant has a doctorate in Communication Studies with a focus in intercultural communication. Dr. Ingarfield is a competitive triathlete, and coach and has worked in retail, non-profits, education, and government for over 20 years. She has been a leader in changing work culture for the better. Dr. Ingarfield is a systems thinker. She can develop macro communication strategies, implement program evaluations, and help you think about your organizational wellness, She is able to see where communication structures are broken and need repair. Listening to, and communicating with, the people who comprise the organization is central to implementing any kind of change. She is committed to enhancing the workplace so that employees feel valued, heard and included and so that organizations can be more effective in serving the communities they seek to support.

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defi Consulting services

Research and Evaluation | Writing | Communication Strategies

Defi Consulting will help you defi communication through its consulting services for organizations in the business of transforming and empowering their communities. We work with organizations and businesses to provide research and evaluation services and communication strategy. In addition, we offer writing services including grant writing, content writing, and other writing projects.

Communication is central to a successful business, project, or team. Communication goes well beyond interpersonal, verbal communication. It exists in your policies and practices, the way you compensate and support your staff, the explicit and implicit messages you send your clients and customers, your external image, and how you engage with, and outreach to, your community. Often, we don't know what we are communicating to others until we ask, and this is why research and evaluation tools are critical components of improving our productivity and the effectiveness of what we do.

Much like its Tri to Defi running and triathlon coaching services sister, Defi Consulting values consistent, thoughtful, and accountable research, evaluation, writing, and communication in its consultancy projects.


Below are FOUR key areas in which Defi Consulting can assist you and your organization.

organizational communication

Defi Consulting can assist you in crafting your communication strategy, thinking about ways to enhance your mission, engaging your staff, clients and/or community, and developing an organization that values others and is valued in its community. Communicating internally or externally is a critical part of creating and sustaining the identity of your organization and ensuring your stakeholders are connected to your progress. Whether your organization is small or large, how you communicate makes the difference. Communication is more than just written materials - newsletters, blogs, websites - it is embedded in all you do. As best as you can, you want to ensure your message is consistent across all platforms. Defi Consulting can assist you in creating consistent messaging and/or planning your communication strategies. What do you want your audiences, internally and externally, to know about your organization and what it stands for?


Defi Consulting can assist you with your research and evaluation needs. Whether it's assessing the efficacy of a program, or implementing a more substantive research project, Defi Consulting can help. Current clients include the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Commerce City Police Department and Brighton Police Department. Both projects are federally funded through competitive grants and focus on research and evaluation within the criminal justice system. Methodological areas of expertise include action research, process evaluation, qualitative research methods, and interviewing.

freelance writing

Defi Consulting also offers writing services. Whether it is your company blog, white papers, grant writing, or content writing for your website or marketing materials, Defi Consulting can help. Clearly articulating a message that represents your mission and vision and also communicates the how and why of what you do is critical in today's market. How you communicate makes a difference in attracting and retaining clients. Language is powerful and can be an excellent tool to effectively develop your reputation in your industry. Dr. Ingarfield currently writes for a number of organizations, including The Broadview Denver, WiSP Sports, Live Feisty Media Group, and 303 Triathlon. You can also visit Dr. Ingarfield's blog:.

diversity, equity, and inclusion

Embedded in all of Defi's consulting services is an attention to diversity, equity and inclusion. No organization, large or small, is immune from the biases and diverse perspectives each of its employees and customers bring to the table. Creating an environment that fosters open, respectful communication, and a desire to grow and learn as individuals and a team, is crucial in today's global economy. Walking the talk is no easy task, and can be challenging even for the most energetic supporter of social justice. It requires of us to change and face that perhaps, we too, have areas of growth. As your organization thinks about organizational communication, identity, employee and organizational wellness, it must also consider how to build and maintain an environment that is inclusive of all its employees and community members. One of the most frequent downfalls is when an organization espouses a message of inclusivity and yet, in practice, this is not the experience of its employees, customers, and clients. Defi Consulting approaches organizational communication consulting with this philosophy in mind and can assist you in thinking through the small and large ways your organization can walk its talk.