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So, maintaining this blog became tough once I started to write for other publications. But fear not, below are links to all those articles I have written and continue to write for The Broadview Denver, WiSP Sports, and 303 Triathlon. Enjoy!

The Broadview Denver

Need to Know Info: In the aftermath of sexual assault, you have choices. - May 17, 2017

Summertime Fit Colorado Broad Style - May 22, 2017

Public Displays of Harassment - June 7, 2017

“Take No Shit and Make Good Beer”: Denver’s Women Brewers and the Disruption of a Male-Dominated Industry - June 9, 2017

Broad of the Month: Raana Simmons - June 19, 2017

There Is No “I” in Wonder Woman, But There Should Be - July 5, 2017

The Race Across The Sky: A Broad’s Guide to Why - July 12, 2017

The Sexting Bill: Teen Victims of Privacy Violations Now Protected in Colorado - July 24, 2017

Broad of the Month: Angela Cobián - July 31, 2017

Don’t Get Stuck on the Wrong Train--Find Your Strengths - Aug. 7, 2017

Trying for a Boy - Aug. 17, 2017

Broad of the Month: Sarah Thomas - Aug. 31, 2017

The Cost of Being a Woman in Colorado: What Women Buy and How it’s Taxed - Sept. 7, 2017

Let’s Dance for a Good Cause - Sept. 11, 2017

Leveling the Playing Field: In Defense of Title IX - Sept. 17, 2017

WiSP Sports

Inclusive Excellence: From Higher Education to Sport - May 11, 2017

Leadership Matters - Aug. 18, 2017

The Missing Algorithm of Women's Sports - Sept. 15, 2017

303 Triathlon

Tri Women's Wednesday article archive (lots of articles on here to peruse)